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Personal Journey

As someone who has always been passionate in helping others, I decided to train to be a midwife, Its something i have loved and learnt a lot from, and I have now been a midwife for 6 years.  However, with a young family to raise as a single mumma I decided I wanted to do something that could benefit me and my girls as long hours at a hospital mean less time with my babies. With an extensive medical background and a degree I decided to take a leap of faith and train into medical aesthetics. This is something that may not be for everyone, but it is huge all around the world and many people benefit from anti ageing treatments as it can make you not only feel more youthful looking, but can build your confidence right back up. Beauty is not just about being vain and seeking perfection, its about your own personal journey to confidence and acceptance. The treatments I offer to date are: Anti wrinkle injectables, Dermal fillers, Brow Lifts, Cheek and lip Enhancement. I also have trained as a

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